Sichuan Luzhou Lipeng Caps Making Co.,Ltd

Sichuan Luzhou Lipeng Closures Co.,Ltd is a cooperative enterprise between shandong LiPeng company and Hong Kong HeJun international company.It founded on Nov 24,2010,registered capital is RMB 30 million,aggregate investment is RMB 50 million,formally put into production in October,2011.

Business address:Juyuan avenue F006,liquor concentrated development zone,Huangyi,Jiangyang,Luzhou.

The company covers an area 53333.6m2,main products are aluminum pilferproof bottle caps and aluminum-plastic non-refillable bottle caps.The products are mainly exported to Louzhou and surrounding areas.

Luzhou Lipeng Closures Co.,Ltd has the international advanced cap roller coating, rolling printing equipments,domestic top of pressing equipments.Production capacity is about 200 million pieces at present,it's one of the key caps suppliers of Luzhou old cellar Co., Ltd.


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