Xinjiang Junpeng Caps Making Co.,Ltd

Junpeng Caps Making Co., Ltd. of Xinjiang founded in August,2009, located at seventy-two group,xiaoerbu kalake town,xinyuan county. Adjacent to XINJIANG YILITE INDUSTRY CO., LTD, has a land area of seventeen thousand and three hundred square meter, the registered capital is eight million. The main equipment: injection molding machine, screen printing machine, soldering machine, hot stamping machine, moving printing machine, CNC punching machine, Multi-functional cap installed machine, prevent oxidation surface spraying production line,etc. There are dozens of other auxiliary equipments. Producting various kinds of combined-type anti-counterfeiting caps. It is the main production base of combined-type anti-counterfeiting caps in northwest. The products mainly sell to XINJIANG YILITE INDUSTRY CO., LTD, XINJIANG NUMBER ONE CELLAR GUCHENG LIQUOR CO.,LTD, and other small and medium-sized distillerys. Relying on the unique geographical advantage and actively expand to exports Russian and five central Asian countries business.


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