Talent Concept

Talent is the key resource of enterprise. The competition among enterprises is fundamentally the competition of talents. ’ Talent is the foundation of everything’-the rise and fall of an enterprise largely depends on the number and utilization of internal talents. Since the day of establishment, Lipeng follows people-oriented principle.

‘people-oriented’ is the core of culture: respect people, arouse people's enthusiasm, satisfy the reasonable needs of people, so as to further stimulate people's enthusiasm.

To understand ‘people-oriented’, we should first understand, care about and respect people, and provide them with opportunities to development and education. We should strengthen the competition mechanism of ‘promote the capable ones, replace the average ones, relief the incapable ones’, in this way, we can ensure people of a stage, opportunities and position in the company. The history of Lipeng is a documentary of talent discovering, cultivating, caring about and utilization.

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