Quality Control

Our company has set up a Quality Assurance Department and an inspection center, which is mainly responsible for improving all aspects of the product production process. On the basis of effective production process control, according to ISO9000 system standards, we strictly control the quality from the beginning of the incoming inspection, set up a central inspection room to strengthen the analysis and test of raw materials, such coatings, ink, solvent series; polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) polyphenyl,ethylene (PS)check sensory and physical and chemical indexes of industrial raw material series such as polycarbonate (PC), EVA, PVC, etc. checking appearance and chemical composition of aluminium ingot, chemical analysis of auxiliary materials for aluminium plate rolling; checking mechanical properties, chemical composition and technological performance of purchased aluminium plate, checking the raw material of the product as well as tracking and testing hygienic indexes of aluminium anti-forging cap and combined anti-forging cap for production. The quality of the product is guaranteed to meet the QS standard of food plastic packaging industry.

The establishment of the inspection center is in a unique leading position in the industry, providing strong guarantee for us to compete in the international market.

Inspection Center

Quality Assurance Department

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