May 1997 At the National Aluminum Anti-counterfeiting Bottle Cap Industry Conference held in Huangshan, the company was awarded as ‘Leading Enterprise’.
September 1999 Lipeng was awarded as ‘National Advanced Packaging Enterprise’, ‘China Packaging Leading Enterprise’.
June 2000 Lipeng trademark was award: ‘Famous Trademark of Shandong Province’.
October 2000 Was awarded: ‘China's Top 200 Advanced Packaging Enterprises’.
November 2003 Was rated as ‘Integrity Tax-paying Member Enterprise’.
December 2003 The product won the honor of ‘Shandong Famous Brand’.
January 2005 Recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture as ‘National Integrity and Law-abiding Township Enterprises’.
September 2006 Lipeng was rated as the ‘Advanced Enterprise in Double Love and Double Evaluation’ and ‘Excellent Packaging Enterprise in China’, and the company's products were rated as ‘Famous Packaging Products in China’
July 2007 Obtained the title of National ‘Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping’ Enterprise.
December 2007 Was awarded as ‘2007 Shandong Best Corporate Citizen’.
May 2008 Won the honorary title of ‘China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise’.
January 2009 Was rated as ‘National Advanced Unit for Creating Spiritual Civilization’.
June 2009 Was rated as ‘Shandong Province High-tech Enterprise’.
July 2010 Was awarded the honorary title of ‘Shandong Province Individual and Private Economy Practicing Scientific Development Concept Demonstration Enterprise’ by the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the Shandong Individual Private Enterprise Association.
December 2010 Recognized as ‘Shandong Enterprise Technology Center’.
December 2012 ‘Shandong Province Anti-counterfeiting Packaging Production Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center’ passed the acceptance of the Provincial Science and Technology Department and approved its establishment.
November 2013 The patent of ‘Automatic Control System for Bottle Cap Automatic Packing Machine’ was awarded ‘Shandong Patent First Prize’ by Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department and Shandong Intellectual Property Office, and ‘China Patent Excellence Award’ by State Intellectual Property Office.
September 2014 The Lipeng trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in China.
December 2014 Become the first batch of pilot enterprises in China to implement standards for intellectual property management.
December 2015 Won the honorary titles of ‘China Packaging Top 100 Enterprises’, ‘China Packaging Excellent Brand’, ‘China Packaging Excellent R&D Center’, and ‘Science and Technology Third Prize’ in 2014.
December 2015 Was rated as the 2015 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise.
April 2016 Became the ‘President Unit of Yantai Packaging Industry Association’.
June 2016 Won the ‘contract-honoring and trustworthy publicity enterprise’.
October 2016 Won the ‘Bronze Award’ in the first ‘Governor's Cup’ Industrial Design Competition in Shandong Province.
November 2016 Won the ‘Science and Technology Award’ of China Packaging Federation.
December 2016 It was rated as ‘Famous Trademark of Shandong Province’; was rated as the advanced unit of the packaging industry in Shandong Province in 2016; was awarded the ‘Top 100 Enterprises in China Aluminum Industry’ in 2016; and the annual advanced tax payment enterprise in the whole district.
January 2017 Won the title of ‘China's Top 100 Packaging Enterprises’.
March 2017 It was rated as the advanced unit of safety production in 2017.
June 2017 It was awarded the ‘National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise’ in 2017.
August 2017 It is the vice chairman unit of the fourth council of Yantai Intellectual Property Association.
October 2017 Obtained the certificate of intellectual property management system certification.
January 2018 Was awarded ‘Shandong Province Packaging Industry Meritorious Enterprise’.
July 2018 Won the 6th ‘Lingyun Cup’ Printing Quality Management Award, Technology Innovation Award and First Prize of the Printing Works Grand Prix in 2018.
April 2019 Obtained the membership certificate of Shandong Packaging Technology Association.
December 2019 Advanced Taxation Enterprise in Muping District in 2019.
September 2020 Lipeng Co., Ltd. won five food and beverage (can/bottle/cap) industry awards at the 16th Annual Packaging and Printing Conference:
Yantai Company won the Achievement Technology Innovation Award.
Chengdu Haichuan Company won the Rolling Embossed Gold Bottle Cap Technology Innovation Award, Daye company won the first prize of aluminum anti-counterfeiting bottle cap (red).
Luzhou company won the second prize of UV embossed hot stamping bottle caps.
Bozhou company won the second prize of UV hot stamping silk screen printing bottle caps.
October 2020 Became the executive vice chair of Shanghai Yantai Chamber of Commerce.
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