February 1995 ‘Yantai Lipeng Packaging Co., Ltd.’ established.
March 1998 Sichuan Pujiang Branch Established (The predecessor of Chengdu Haichuan Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd.).
May 1999 Obtained the right to import and export, and products were exported to Philippines. The Lipeng brand went abroad for the first time.
May 1999 Company name changed to: ‘Shandong Lipeng Packaging Co., Ltd.’
May 2001 ‘Hubei Daye City Jinpeng Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’ established.
September 2002 ‘Chengdu Haichuan Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’ established.
March 2004 ‘Yantai Hejun Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’ established.
January 2005 ‘Beijing Penghexiang Packaging Products Co., Ltd.’ established.
September 2007 ‘Combined Anti-counterfeiting Bottle Cap Industry Standard’ for the packaging industry of the People's Republic of China which our company took part in drafting was released and implemented.
December 2007 The entire company was changed to ‘Shandong Lipeng Co., Ltd.’
August 2009 ‘Xinjiang Junpeng Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’ established.
March 2010 Lipeng were listed on the SME Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
May 2010 ‘Anhui Bozhou Lipeng Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’ established.
November 2011 ‘Sichuan Luzhou Lipeng Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’ established.
September 2012 The company succeeded in its first private placement and raised 270 million yuan.
December 2014 The company successfully raised 1 billion yuan to acquire Chongqing Huayu Landscape & Architecture Co., Ltd.
December 2015 The company succeeded in its third private placement and raised 240 million yuan.
March 2016 The company successfully held the theme forum of ‘Interconnecting Everything Makes Consumers High’.
October 2017 The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced No. 14 of 2017 that the two new industry standards, ‘Aluminum Anti-theft Bottle Caps’ and ’Combined Anti-counterfeiting Bottle Caps’, which our company led to amend, officially had been released and implemented on October 1.
November 2017 Our company successfully issued green bond and raised 250 million yuan.
December 2017 Bozhou Lipeng signed the ‘Strategic Cooperation Promotion Plan’ with Gujing Group, which opened a new chapter in the cooperation of the two parties.
January 2018 Our company was awarded the ‘Golden Horse Award for Successful Transformation of Listed Companies’ by the Securities Daily.
July 2018 Daye Jinpeng's new plant was officially put into production.
August 2018 Suzhou Ruichang Investment Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chiway Group, took over Lipeng shares.
May 2019 The ‘Management Accounting System’ project in cooperation with Huisen Consulting was launched.
September 2019 The packaging industry standard ‘Polyethylene Foam Gasket for Food Packaging Containers’ drafted by our company passed the review.
October 2020 Our company succeeded in its fourth private placement, raising 480 million yuan of funds, and introducing Guiyang Industrial Development Holding Group Co., Ltd., which is the largest state-owned asset platform in Guiyang City, as an important shareholder of the company.
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