• Aluminum Printing Plant

    The Aluminum Printing Plant is the professional enterprise specialized at Aluminum coating and printing plates. It has advanced CTP printing down system, CMS and printing technique. The Aluminum Printing Plant equips with the global top class of Fuji two-color Printer, Italian CALF, OMSO multi-colors Printer, Swiss MADAG emboss& hot foil stamping machine. With annual capacity more than 10,000 tons of Aluminum Printing Plates, the Aluminum Printing Plant owns 6,000 ㎡modern workshops and combines with coating, litho printing, side printing, flexo printing,silk-screen printing etc. printing process.“Improving Constantly, Satisfied Customers” is our promise.

  • Aluminum Closures Plant

    The Aluminum Closures Plant is the production base for Aluminum closures. With the 7500㎡of workshops, the main products are various Aluminum Pilfer proof Closures, Muliti-processes Aluminum Closures, QR code closures etc. which are widely used in trades of spirits, beverage, beer, pharmaceutic and foods. The plant has two Italian SACMI production lines, 10 cavities presser, NC presses, two Italian Bortolinkemo automatic linked lines, KRAUSS MEFFEI PE CO2 Foaming Extrusion Machine for liner and different types of automatic& semi-automatic machines, the annual capacity is about 1.5 billion pieces of closures. “Making high-quality products, striving for perfection” is our eternal theme.

  • Aluminum-plastic Closures Plant

    The Aluminum-plastic Closures Plant is a main base for producing Aluminum-plastic and Plastic non-refillable Closures. With 28,000㎡of workshops, the Aluminum-plastic Closures Plant equips with more than 100 sets of Automatic Injection Machine , Italian NPM Injection Machines and other related linking machines. It can produces various injection plastic parts more than 3,600 tons, the annual capacity is up to 3 hundred million pieces of Closures.

    The closures are advanced protection system for markets in which there is a high risk of refilling,controlled flow when pouring.

  • R&D center

    The plant is a processing factory integrating developing, designing, machining and manufacturing. It has more than 100 senior engineers and professional technicians, and is equipped with advanced DEMAG Precision processing center, NC milling machine, line cutting machine, electric spark shaping machine, computer carving machine and common turning, milling, shaving and rubbing machines for machining. Its products include various full and semi automatic production lines for various bottle caps and such high accurate molds as anti-theft aluminum stretching moulds and plastic molds, which can meet with different demands. “Always keeping one step ahead than customers’ requirement” is our everlasting pursuit. We have the innovation ability to produce the whole-set of high-speed automatic closure machines.


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