SINCE 1995
Shandong Lipeng Co., Ltd.


Shandong Lipeng Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lipeng) was founded in 1995 and has offices in Shanghai, Yantai, Chongqing and other cities. It was listed on the SME board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in March 2010 (stock code 002374, stock abbreviation: Lipeng shares), with total assets of approximately 6 billion yuan.

In August 2018, Suzhou Ruichang Investment Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chiway Group, became the actual controller of Lipeng. The main business of Lipeng includes packaging technology and ecological landscape engineering. Lipeng is committed to being ‘global leader of bottle cap industry’ and ‘best domestic leader in landscape engineering and ecological environment construction’.



Packaging Technology 



The packaging technology sector is composed of Shandong Lipeng Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Haichuan Cap Making Co., Ltd., Daye Jinpeng Cap Making Co., Ltd., and Xinjiang Jun Peng Cap Making Co., Ltd., Bozhou Lipeng Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sichuan Luzhou Lipeng Cap Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shandong Lipeng International Trade Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries.

Since the establishment of Lipeng, the scale of production and sales has been in the leading position for consecutive years. In 2019, the production and sales scale of packaging business was about 700 million yuan. Up to now, the company's various products have been sold to 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China. There are more than 700 downstream beverage and beverage industry clients, including Jiannanchun, Luzhou Laojiao, Jinjiu, Gujing, Jiangxiaobai, Niulanshan, Hengshui Laobaigan, Yilite and Diageo, Pernod Ricard Liquor and other well-known companies.

The packaging technology sector’s leading products are anti-counterfeiting bottle caps and composite anti-counterfeiting printed aluminum plates. The sector is a professional manufacturer and one-stop service provider for composite anti-counterfeiting printed aluminum plates, various aluminum anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, combined anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, high-speed production lines and computer creativity sculpture for making various anti-counterfeiting bottle caps as well as various cold punching molds and hot runner injection molds, etc.

As the main drafting person of China's industry standards for aluminum anti-counterfeiting bottle caps and combined anti-counterfeiting bottle cap and the vice chair of Sichuan Packaging Federation, Lipeng packaging technology sector’s products are popular in the market home and abroad. It is a large-scale production base of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, distribution center of aluminum anti-counterfeiting composite and anti-counterfeiting printing base.



Ecological Landscape Engineering 



Chongqing Huayu Landscape & architecture Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lipeng, which integrates project planning, landscape planning and design, engineering construction, antique buildings, water pollution control, soil restoration, greening maintenance, and flower and seedling production and operation. , Large-scale landscape construction and ecological restoration enterprises.

Huayu Landscape & architecture has numerous qualifications such as Grade A qualification for environmental pollution control (ecological restoration), Grade 2 qualification for general contracting of municipal public engineering construction, Grade B qualification for special landscape engineering design, Grade 3 qualification for general contracting of water conservancy and hydropower engineering, and Grade 3 qualification for professional contracting of environmental protection engineering , Class III qualification for general contracting of construction engineering, Class III qualification for professional contracting of ancient architectural engineering, Class A qualification for environmental pollution treatment (waste water, solid waste), Class II qualification for pollution treatment (industrial wastewater treatment), pollution treatment (domestic sewage treatment) Level 2 qualifications, etc., are one of the few domestic ecological landscape enterprises that have qualifications for landscape construction, planning and design, environmental pollution control (ecological restoration category), and landscaping management and protection.

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