Shandong Lipeng Co., Ltd. founded in 1995, has a land area of 130000m2, a total assets up to 250 million Yuan, with Aluminum Plate Plant, Aluminum & Plastic Plant, Machinery Molding Plant, Yantai Wo Chun CapMaking Co., Ltd. (Plate Printing Plant, Bottle Cap Plant), Chengdu Haichuan Cap Making Co., Ltd, Daye Jinpeng Caps Making Co.,Ltd. of Hubei, Beijing Penghe Packing Products Co., Ltd affiliated to it....
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New products
Production line for bottle caps
meterials of bottle caps
Aluminium PilferProof caps
non-refillable bottle caps Ⅰ
non-refillable bottle caps Ⅱ
Aluminium PilferProof caps-Beer and/or Soft Drink
shiny Roll-coating and roll-printing caps
non-refillable bottle caps Ⅰ-Anti-spin out

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Five major activities

Yantai wo Chun Caps Making Co., ltd

Chengdu Haichuan Caps Making Co., Ltd.
Dayie Jinpeng Caps Making Co., Ltd. of Hubei
Beijing Penghexiang Packaging Products Co., Ltd.
Junpeng Caps Making Co., Ltd. of Xinjiang
Bozhou Xinpeng closures Co.,Ltd.
Luzhou Lipeng closures Co.,Ltd.

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